It can be hard to believe that email was designed to add convenience to our busy working lives. Today there is so much over-communication by email that it literally keeps many people from focusing on their core activities.

The big problem is this: email has created the mother of all catch-22 situations. Paying attention to your emails is essential to meet your objectives and those of your colleagues, subordinates or employees. Simply ignoring your email is not an option.

At the same time, when you receive hundreds of messages daily, you spend more time reading, prioritizing, responding and filing them than is proportionate to their importance. The fact is, whatever strategy you employ to manage your email, it’s still a productivity-killer.

Want to Know the Best Way to Manage Your Email?

There is a simple trick to managing email—one that involves little of your time and requires no magic techniques … You know; the ones that never seem to make any difference.

That one simple trick is called outsourcing.

Thanks to the worldwide pervasiveness of the Internet, you can now outsource your email management inexpensively to a virtual assistant. Simply engage with an overseas professional who’s happy to manage your email for you and for whom that is a core business activity.

Invest in Your Email: Enjoy the Return

On first consideration, it might sound a little extravagant to pay for someone to manage your email for you, but when you consider how much productive time you can recover, by having someone respond to routine emails on your behalf, file your messages into relevant folders and alert you to the most important ones, the cost of an offshore virtual assistant is actually a worthwhile investment that will deliver a return.

Why not investigate the options? You might be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it is to hire an overseas virtual assistant, fluent in written English and equipped with impeccable administration skills. Not to mention the fact that you won’t need any more of those articles about how to manage your email … You know; the ones with tips that never seem to make any difference.

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