If you take a few steps back from the day-to-day frenzy of running your small business, just for a while, and reflect on your personal activity, you will be able to see if your endlessly busy days (and sometimes nights) are as productive for your small business as they could be. You just have to know how to spot the signs of “unproductive busyness” masquerading as productive small-business management.

3 Key Symptoms of Unproductive Business

Here are a few symptoms of “unproductive business” that should serve as red flags and prompt you to rethink the way you get things done; along with a tip or two for each to resolve the issue and become a more productive small-business owner Symptoms of Unproductive Busyness

The Symptom: You put off tasks that you don’t enjoy doing

The solution: Attack those unenjoyable tasks as soon as you are aware that they need to be done. Alternatively, delegate them to a trusted member of your team.

The Symptom: You’re checking your email more than twice a day

The Solution: Simple—cut down the number of times you check your email each day. Email is the biggest time-stealer of all for small-business owners. You will become more productive if you keep your email at bay and schedule two specific time-slots per day for viewing and acting upon it.

The Symptom: You pride yourself on your multi-tasking capabilities

The Solution: Stop fooling yourself. Science has shown us that multi-tasking doesn’t make you a productive small-business owner. You actually lose time and become less productive due to constant switching between tasks. Identify the employees you trust the most and start delegating.

An Alternative to Internal Delegation Thanks to the internet and increasing workforce globalization, a virtual assistant in an English-speaking country such as the Philippines can serve as an extra pair of hands and an extra brain on your team—someone to whom you can delegate, even if you operate as a one-person business. Furthermore, he or she can do so for a very affordable price, adding great value by freeing your time to focus on activities which are more productive—and profitable, for your small business. So now you have some remedies for unproductive busyness and you know how to diagnose the issue, take a few steps back from the day-to-day frenzy, just for a while, and check if your workload is as productive as it could be.    

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