If you struggle take control of your business calendar, it’s not because your calendar has taken on a life of its own. It’s because other people are controlling your calendar for you. It’s these calendar hijackers that you need to get control of, and here are three ways to do just that.


#1: Identify the calendar hijackers within your own organisation…

…and help them develop their skills so they become less reliant on you. Of course this only really applies if you are in a leadership role. If so, developing your reports to accept more autonomy is good for them as well as for you and your business calendar control.


#2: Utilize technology…

…more for your meetings and communications. Perhaps it’s possible that some of those meetings which involve traveling, especially flying, can be held remotely instead, using tools such as Skype or similar conferencing software.


#3: Hire a virtual assistant.

This is another way to make use of modern technology to take control of your calendar. A virtual assistant, working remotely, will be a lot less expensive than hiring personal help to work inside your organisation. An added benefit is that he or she can not only take on some of those tiresome, but necessary administration tasks which eat your time, but can also take control of your business calendar too.


The important thing here is that while you won’t technically be taking back the control of your calendar, you’ll be delegating it to someone who will fill it only on your behalf, with no agenda of her own.


Stop Being a Slave to Your Business Calendar

As long as you let your business calendar control you, your valuable time will continue to be used on meeting the needs of others—at your own expense. That’s no way to fulfill your professional potential. Perhaps you can put one or more of the tips in this article to use. Each one offers advantages for your organization, through development of staff or savings in cost, while also freeing you to derive more value from your time and effort.